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SJS is an open repository that provides free services of peer review, evaluation and classification through open and verifiable community-wide processes. You are welcome to use SJS for its inherent scientific merits while having your work also published in academic journals. SJS is offered by an open community of volunteer researchers with many ideas to improve the way science is currently organised, communicated and, importantly, evaluated. Read more about SJS and our community here.

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Principles of the Self-Journal of Science: bringing ethics and freedom to scientific publishing

VERSION 1 Made public on under Creative Common Attribution 4.0 License Michaël Bon

I present the core principles of the “Self-Journal of Science” (SJS), an open repository as well as a new paradigm of scientific publication. Rooted in Science ethics, a full and consistent solution is proposed to address the many flaws in current systems. SJS implements an optimal peer review, which itself becomes a measurable process, and builds an objective and unfalsifiable evaluation system. In addition, it can operate at very...

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